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Advances in human-relevant testing

It’s getting hard to keep up with the pace of developments at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering.  In the space of one recent week, researchers announced two significant advances in their organs-on-a-chip program.  “Bone-marrow-on-a-chip” allows non-animal drug and toxin testing on cultivated bone marrow artificially sustained by a microfluidic platform.  Watch the Wyss … Continue reading


New publication: “Building a solid foundation: SAR and QSAR as a fundamental strategy to reduce animal testing”

Dr. Gil Veith (photo credit: Sonja Peterson/Lake County News, July 8, 2010) A new article by Kristie Sullivan (PCRM), Joe Manuppello (PETA), and Catherine Willett (HTPC) honors the pioneering work of Gilman Veith, a longtime EPA scientist, pioneer in the field of Structure-Activity Relationships (SAR), and founder of the International QSAR* Foundation for Reducing Animal … Continue reading

Meetings & Events

Enthusiastic turnout for CAAT/HTPC satellite meeting at SOT 2014

Getting exhausted participants to attend a satellite meeting at the end of the three-and-a-half-day ultra-marathon that is a Society of Toxicology annual meeting would seem to be a tough sell.  But nearly 80 turned out for the CAAT/HTPC meeting, “Updates on 21st Century Toxicology Activities and Related Efforts” in Phoenix, AZ.  Thomas Hartung (CAAT) welcomed … Continue reading

AOPs / Publications

AOP chapter in newly published “Encyclopedia of Toxicology”

“Adverse Outcome Pathways: Development and Use in Toxicology,” a chapter in Elsevier’s Encyclopedia of Toxicology (3rd edition) written by HSUS/HTPC’s Dr. Catherine Willett, introduces readers to the concept of Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOP) and explains how they can improve the efficiency and accuracy of toxicity testing while reducing the use of animals.  Dr. Willett’s chapter … Continue reading

AOPs / Meetings & Events

Successful “AOPs 101″ ancillary workshop at SOT 2014

“AOPs 101: the How and Why of Development and Use,” the ancillary program co-sponsored and organized by HTPC and ASCCT, was a perfect fit for this year’s SOT conference.  With an unprecedented number of Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP)-related sessions and symposia on the 2014 Scientific Program, the workshop’s aim to introduce AOP fundamentals to scientists … Continue reading

AOPs / Meetings & Events / Publications

HTPC liver toxicity workshop proceedings published in ALTEX, “Online First”

“Building Shared Experience to Advance Practical Application of Pathway-Based Toxicology:Liver Toxicity Mode-of-Action,” a report summarizing a workshop coordinated by HTPC in 2013, and co-authored by workshop participants, has been published by ALTEX in “Online First.”  From the summary: A workshop sponsored by the Human Toxicology Project Consortium (HTPC), “Building Shared Experience to Advance Practical Application … Continue reading