Getting exhausted participants to attend a satellite meeting at the end of the three-and-a-half-day ultra-marathon that is a Society of Toxicology annual meeting would seem to be a tough sell.  But nearly 80 turned out for the CAAT/HTPC meeting, “Updates on 21st Century Toxicology Activities and Related Efforts” in Phoenix, AZ.  Thomas Hartung (CAAT) welcomed attendees, and gave a brief history of this now-annual event, and outlined the afternoon’s agenda.  Updates on specific programs and activities were provided by David Dix (various EPA programs), Rusty Thomas (Toxcast), Alex Merrick (Tox21), Mel Anderson (The Hamner Institute’s efforts), Mark Cronin (SEURAT-1), Thomas Hartung (CAAT’s Human Toxome project), Kate Willett  (HTPC and HSUS activities), and Martin Stephens (CAAT’s Evidence-Based Toxicology Consortium activities).  At the end of the invited presentations, the floor was opened to questions, discussions, and brief updates on relevant projects or activities from those in attendance.  The enthusiastic turnout demonstrates that interest and participation in the 21st century “paradigm shift” in toxicology continues to grow.