The OECD, along with the US Environmental Protection Agency and the European Commission Joint Research Centre, today announced the public release of the Adverse Outcome Pathway Knowledge Base.  The web-based platform is designed to consolidate all existing information on the mechanisms and pathways through which chemicals can cause or contribute to adverse effects.  The first available module is the AOP Wiki, an online, interactive encyclopedia for AOP development.  From the OECD press release:

“All stakeholders from academia, governmental agencies and the chemical industry are invited to use the wiki either as a source of information, or as active contributors posting comments and content. This expert contribution from third-parties is strongly encouraged since it is through such “crowd sourcing” that the AOP KB will ultimately evolve.”

At the annual meeting of the Society of Toxicology in Phoenix earlier this year, HTPC co-sponsored several AOP Knowledge Base “Stakeholder Input Sessions” designed to gather ideas from potential users about the features and information they would find most essential in these tools.  That process is ongoing.  As noted in the OECD press release,

“By opting for this early public release, the OECD aims to familiarise interested parties with AOP concepts and terminology through interaction with the AOP Wiki, with the hope of engaging as many potential AOP developers and contributors as possible.”

The AOP Knowledge Base is a key component of the comprehensive AOP Development Program launched by the OECD in 2012.