5/21/2015 Update: News of the Organovo/L’Oreal partnership, posted here in December, seems to be captivating the wider press, now.  See especially these stories in the Washington Post, Bloomberg Business, and Wired UK.

In the span of just a few years, 3D-bioprinting (3D-printing of biological cell and organ components) has moved from the realm of science fiction to scientific reality – a technology capable of printing viable skin, liver, and other organ tissues that can be used for more human-relevant drug testing, disease-modeling, and even transplantation research.

This article from CosmeticsDesign.com highlights the collaboration between 3D-bioprinting pioneer Organovo and HTPC corporate partner L’Oreal, who are working together to create a bioprinted skin tissue that can be used in cosmetics testing:

L’Oreal at work on bioprinted skin for cosmetics testing.

(For more on Organovo’s bioprinting technology, watch this video.)