Building on progress since a successful “AOPs 101” seminars at the Society of Toxicology meeting in 2014, and at the World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences in Prague (2014), the Human Toxicology Project Consortium (HTPC) and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine PCRM offered a more advanced seminar at the Society of Toxicology 2015 meeting in San Diego.  The new seminar reviewed the tools and guidance currently available to help users develop and record AOPs, and presented case studies of AOPs in various stages of development to demonstrate the major developmental steps.

Videos of the seminar presentations are available below.  The presentations included:

AOPs: Overview of AOP Development and Introduction to Regulatory Use

  • Catherine Willett, HTPC

The AOP-Knowledgebase, with demos of the AOP Wiki, Effectopedia, and AOP Explorer (+ questions)

  • Ed Perkins, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center
  • Steven Edwards, US EPA
  • Hristo Aladjov, OECD

Aromatase inhibition leading to reproductive dysfunction in fish: A quantitative AOP case study

  • WanYun Cheng, EPA

AOP for Sensitisation of the Respiratory Tract: Current status and regulatory applications

  • Kristie Sullivan, PCRM

AOP Assessment According to OECD Handbook Criteria

  • Bette Meek, University of Ottawa

Note: these videos are also accessible through our AOPs 201 page.