Things are getting interesting when high-tech replacements for animal testing catch the eye of online financial publications like The Economist, Fortune Magazine, Forbes, and CNN Money

Some stories on organs-on-chips and 3D bioprinting from just the last few weeks:

The Economist: Towards body-on-a-chip

Fortune Magazine: This new technology could do away with animal testing

CNN Money: 3-D printers could soon make human skin

Forbes: L’Oreal seeks quantum leap with 3D printed skin

Congratulations to the Wyss Institute, winners of the London Design Museum’s “Design of the Year” award for their organs-on-chips.

Named Design of the Year by a jury chaired by the artist Anish Kapoor, it is the first time the award has gone to a design from the field of medicine, beating off competition from Google’s self-driving car, a project to clean up plastic from the sea and an advertising campaign to convince people to buy misshapen fruit.